Saturday, June 8, 2013

Harry Potter Re-Read

Good God, how many times have I re-read Harry Potter? Okay... well I have a confession. I've read it in full....ONCE. I've started reading it THREE times. But only read the series in its entirety ONE time. I know... shame on me. My first time ever reading it, I ended up in the middle of book 5. Second time, the whole way through, third time I only got to book 4 before I got distracted by other reads. Yet I delve into a discussion of the Harry Potter books or movies every chance I get, and I literally feel so nostalgic to be back at Hogwarts that my heart aches. Its like being homesick. Is that weird? No, to the contrary,  I think its quite right. :)

I've been wanting to try at another re-read but didnt want to just rush through them. I want to chronicle my journey through the books (and movies) this time. I dont want to review the books per say... I dont think I could review them objectively because I love them so much.

What I am going to do is start from book 1 again, and I guess "journal" my way through, chapter by chapter.. or maybe seveal chapters by several chapters. I feel like these books have so many hidden gems, and as much as I want to devour them and fly right through them, I want to truly enjoy, explore and understand everything there is to gain from the Harry Potter series as a whole - oh and hopefully blogging through my re-read will hold me responsible to read the series the whole way through!

So my goals in this regard are:

1. First and foremost, obviously, read all 7 books this time.

2. Take notes while reading each book so that I can write better in-depth discussions of the same.

3. Watch each movie after reading each book and discuss the same.

4. Research and discover more about the series as I read each book, chronicling my opinion, hidden meanings, and additional information that Rowling provided to her readers subsequent to the publishing of her last novel.

5. Post a discussion at least once per week on whatever chapters I have read that week, most likely on Sundays.

I know this will probably take months. I dont generally enjoy the thought of taking several months to read a book, but who wouldnt want to be at Hogwarts for months at a time?

I'd love to invite you for a read-along, but I dont know how long each book will take me, especially once I get past book three, haha! I'm mainly doing this for me, but would love a partner, or two, or ten :)

But seriously, if any of you are re-reading or will be re-reading, or even reading for the first time, this series - please please join in the discussion with me. Harry Potter is my favorite thing to discuss and reminisce about and I would love to hear your opinions and knowledge on the books, and discuss our favorite things!

So stay tuned as I begin my journey through the world that is Harry Potter! :)


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