Saturday, June 1, 2013

Armchair BEA: Keeping it Real & YA Lit

Welcome to this last day of discussions for Armchair BEA! I've had such a great time these past few days meeting new bloggers and learning new things. Today's discussion topics are: Keeping it Real and Children's/YA Literature
Gee, what the hell do I know about keeping it fresh? I've been blogging for about 6 months and if I've run out of idea already, then we have got a problem!

How do you continue to keep blogging fun? How do you not only grow an audience, but how do you keep them coming back for more?

Fun for who? Me or the readers? For me... thats a good question. A few years back when I was blogging, it came to a point where it wasnt fun for me anymore and that is why I left. So far this time around, everything has been pretty good, knock on wood. But I think I came into this with expectations that sometimes it wont be fun, and it'll be more a mix of fun and responsibility. What do I want to gain from this blog? Obviously, as most bloggers, a following, blogging friends, new book ideas, bookish news, and maybe one day far far in the future, a profit (or at least enough for me to run the thing without paying out of pocket). I'm not going to get any of that if I dont take responsibility for my blog.

How do I keep it fun for the readers? As of right now, I'm basically trying to produce the one thing this blog is actually about - REVIEWS. And aside from that, posting discussion topics and trying to participate in or provide fun things for them, which in turn... I hope, keeps them coming back. :)

Again, as a new blogger, I'd rather take this opportunity to ask what YOU do to keep it fresh, and what can I do to keep readers coming back?

FINALLY! The topic I've been waiting for all week, as many of my YA bloggers probably have been also. :) I dont even think I need to discuss my love for YA. Before posting the pictures of my favorite Children's and YA reads... why do I love children's/YA so much? Frankly, even at 23 years old I feel like I connect with it better than most adult novels. They are always unique and fun and though some of them tackle very tough subjects, they still manage to be more readable and less stuffy than the adult novels I read sometimes. They reach multitudes of audiences from children to teens to young adults to senior citizens. Its an amazing genre with so many subgenres that I fear I'll never have the pleasure of reading them all.

So anyway, without further adieu:


These are just some of my favorite children's, middle grade and young adult books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them ALL!

What kid's books do you love and why?



  1. A lot of good books you listed, and you are correct are taste are very similar. :-)

  2. "more readable and less stuffy" - YES YES YES. That is a HUGE reason why I love reading YA, it's never (or, at least not usually) super pretentious. Very well put!

    And I love all your choices of children's/YA books. The only one I haven't read is The Goddess Test, though it's on my TBR list. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! and I do admit that I also need to put more content out there haha!

    New follower here and I'm looking forward to read more your stuff XD

    you can find out more of my answers on my blog post

  4. I have the same thing! I still connect with YA despite the fact that I'm older than the targeting age (not that I care about categories) It's awesome that there are so many subgenres (although it's difficult too. Sometimes I've no idea where to list a book)


  5. I've definitely had to take a step back from blogging a time or two, when it wasn't fun for me. It's definitely why I make a pointed reminder to stay away from the drama and to just do me!

  6. The only one of your picks that I haven't read is The Goddess Test. I loved all of the other books!

  7. I love, love, love your book choices.

  8. I don't read much adult literary fiction anymore. I often can't get into it and find myself wishing that I were reading a YA book instead. Great picks with HP, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games!

  9. I completely agree with everything you said about keeping it real, and I LOVE your book list. The Hunger Games & Narnia? Can't really go wrong there!


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