Friday, June 21, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

Yay, its Friday - thank God! How is everyone spending their weekend? Well I work tomorrow (booooo) but I'll be hanging out with the cutest baby ever on Sunday (my niece, yay)!

This week's Feature and Follow question is:

Q: What is your favorite literary quote?

I thought about this one all night last night and couldnt really decide because there are so many, especially all my faves from Harry Potter. However, I was reading one of my current books last night: A Game of Thrones and came across something I loved.

How many of you have friends or family who always ask you or tell you that you read too much? Well I get it all the time, sometimes teasing, sometimes genuine intrigue as to why I'm so involved in reading and blogging. The teasing gets to be annoying sometimes, dont you think? We're all adults here. You like TV - I like books, so back off. :)

Well anyhow, in A Game of Thrones, one scene has a character named Jon asking one of my favorite characters, Tyrion, why he reads so much. Tyrion goes on to explain:

and Tyrion adds "that is why I read so much, Jon Snow."

LOVE it. Its the truth of my life. To me, intelligence is the most attractive trait, knowledge is the most powerful weapon. So that, my dear friends, is why I read so much. :D

What is your favorite literary quote??


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