The author of i solemnly swear is Amanda Reyes, hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but she is a New Yorker at heart. Raised in Long Island, after she was done with high school, her family dragged her out to PA, where her charming beau SP followed her.

Amanda is a paralegal (legal assistant) who works for a criminal defense/family law attorney - lots of interesting stories floating around there! She blogs in her spare time, which seems like it would be almost never, but she makes time for it because books and writing are her passion!

Young adult novels are what Amanda reads most of the time, but this is a recent turn of events. Amanda was mostly a romance and contemporary/chick lit kind of girl until she stumbled upon the likes of Twilight and years later, the Hunger Games. She is steadily broadening her horizons with some sci-fi, classics and historical fiction too.

She is one of J.K. Rowling's biggest fans, and often revisits the world of Harry Potter by book and by film!

Last but not least, she loves making new blogging friends and discussing Harry Potter, books and the like. Leave her a comment or shoot her an e-mail at issbookreviews@yahoo.com - she just loves hearing from fellow bloggers and readers!!

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