Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Book Turn-Offs

This week's Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is

top ten five words/topics that make me not pick up a book

1.   "Zombies" 
I cant do it. I'm not a zombie fan. The whole zombie apocalyspe thing just gives me the oogies and I'd rather stay away from it all together.
The exception: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion - I haven't read it yet, but my cousin loved it and I've heard good things about it. And it definitely strays from your standard zombie book.

2.    "Erotica"
Eek! I read Fifty Shades and I was just not having it. Gratuitous sex gets tiring to read - imagine for the characters! Its just too much for me, and I dont like it at all.

3.    "New Adult"
I actually dont have anything against New Adult, but the whole concept doesnt work itself out in my brain. I think I'm just content with my young adult books and the occasional adult fiction. Maybe if it wasnt called "New Adult", I would read it along with one of the genres I already do read and not know the difference. Who knows... maybe one day.

4.    "Angels"
I don't know why but even before Mortal Instruments took off, I had an aversion to the angels thing. It just seemed like it was the only paranormal "being" left for authors to make stories out of. I admit now, I did enjoy the Mortal Instruments series and I have been getting badgered by a friend to read Hush, Hush. I'm just afraid the angel thing will take away from the story.

5.    "Vampires"
I was a huge Twilight fan just as much as the next girl. But ever since I read those books, I was never a huge fan of other vampire books. I did buy the first book in  the Vampire Academy and House of Night series, but I havent read them and I am wary to. Ever since Twilight vampires are everywhere. Every author who could manage it was throwing a vampire into their stories and it was supremely annoying. I will read those other two series and hope I will enjoy them, but until then, the only vampire action I'm getting is from the Vampire Diaries - the show, NOT the books (hated them!)

Wow... that posts left me feeling a little negative. :/ I wont absolutely turn away books with these words, as I mentioned before, but if I've never heard of the book and those are the first things I see, probably not making it to my shelf unless someone specifically recommends it to me. However, if any of you have these words on a list of words that would make you pick up a book, and you've read some good ones on these topics, please give me some recommendations! I hate to stay in the dark, especially when there is an awesome book out there waiting for me!


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