Monday, July 8, 2013

Thoughts: Mid-Year Bookish-Goals Progress

So, how many of you remember back in January when we all did Top Ten Tuesday's (The Broke and the Bookish) 2013 Bookish Goals?

Well that was my first post ever on this blog and here I am, almost six months later and still going strong! :) I hope I can continue blogging for a long, long time. Well anyhow, my point is, today is exactly six months from the day we made our bookish goals and resolutions, etc. So this is pretty much the half-way point. So, in other words, if you havent completed your bookish goals yet, you'd better get on the ball! The first half of the year went by super fast for me, so I want to complete as many as I can. How far are you on your goals?!

I have a tab at the top of my page called "2013 Goals" where I keep track of my progress on these goals, but I think it will be fun to see how far you've all come with your goals also! :)

10.     "Give away/sell some of the books I know I wont read again (not including Jodi Picoult or Nora Roberts books. I just cant do it)."

Well - you will all be very happy to know that I have completed this goal! I actually did this one very early on. I went through all of the books I own and I came up with about 50+ books I knew I'd never read again and divided them up between my neighbor and my boss. They were thrilled to say the least! I was so proud of myself. The disappointing side to this was that I cleared all that space off of my shelves and put all the excess book stock I have onto the shelf and am still out of room and in need of a new book shelf! Booooo!

9.     "Finish up all the series that I'm in the middle of, at least up to the latest release if the final book hasnt been released yet." 

This is a work in progress. I've finished 5 series that I was in the middle of, but I've also started 5 more. Eek. If I was to keep going the way I have been this first half of the year, I would have a million series open and none finished. But in taking a look at my bookish goals today, I can get a handle on this goal and finish up some of the series I started, namely the Chemical Garden Trilogy, which I've been avoiding for months now..... oops.

8.     "Finish all of the books that are currently TBR on my book shelf by the end of the year, so that all of the books on my shelf next year are TBR from this tear, haha;"

I dont know what the hell I've was getting at with this sentence, because I've confused myself by re-reading it. Anyhow, what I meant was that I wanted to finish all of the books that were on my TBR shelf in 2012 by the end of this year. I dont want to have books from 2012 on my shelf in 2017. But.... I'm not doing so well with this one. I finished only 4 books out of the 39 I had on my shelf as of Dec. 31, 2012. Eek. And I can tell you right now that I do not think I will finish all 39 by the end of the year. I am going to try to get at least 5 more done. :/ My problem is that I bought a bajillion more books and I have started all these news goals (e.g. re-read HP, read A Song of Ice and Fire, read and review some e-galleys...). I know, I know. I need to stay focused!

If only I had this pretty picture to follow when I started this...
7.      "Read two (2) non-fiction books"

I've read zero. Zilch. Nada. Niet (is that how you spell it?) NINE! Not the number nine. But like German nine. Ok. I digress. What is my problem here? I made this goal in an attempt to broaden my horizons, but every time I think I want to pick up a non-fiction book to finally begin to complete this goal, I get scared or sidetracked or distracted by something I want to read much more. Have any of you read some non-fiction lately  that you think I would like? And please remember who you are recommending this non-fiction to: the girl who wants to live at Hogwarts. Go easy on me, please.

6.     "Read at least five (5) books by "new" authors (new to me)"

I did this one! I finished it! Yay!! I actually did better; I doubled this goal! I read books by ten (10) authors I've never read before! :) I'm proud. I know this is a small victory because with all of the awesome reads being released lately, its not hard to read new authors, but when you are like me who is very much in their comfort zone, its hard to branch out into the unknown.

5.     "Review every book I read this year (oh, God that one is going to be rough)"

Uh.. well... I kind of feel silly. I didnt realize how easy  this one was going to be and how much harder number 7 and 8 would be. I have review every book I've read so far this year. It's worked out so well that I've finally started being able to do my posts ahead of time and  schedule them and not have to spend every waking free moment trying to get a post out. Its a glorious thing. I suppose thats how real blogging works, lol. :) Well anyhow, regardless of how easy it has been, I am proud. Andddd..... the year is young yet and I have to work at it to make sure I review everything I am reading and can count this goal as completed by the end of the year.

4.     "Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in its entirety"

I havent done this one either. I read the Hobbit before I began blogging and I havent even picked up the first book in the trilogy yet, though I do own it and it is on my shelf. I'm just afraid I'll hate it, ya know? I hope not. I intend to complete this goal by the end of the year. I guess now is as good a time to start as any.

3.     "Read at least five (5) classics this year" 

I have only read one .... oops. I'm proud of myself for getting that far though, because classics are one of my biggest bookish-fears! I read Wuthering Heights a few weeks ago. Actually, you'll see my review for it some time this week. I was planning on jumping right into another classic.... but then I decided to read A Song of Ice and Fire and thats a big commitment so I decided I couldnt take on any other difficult reads.

2.     " purchase per three reads."

So basically I would have to read three books before making one trip to the book store. I completely failed this one. Sometimes I go five books without buying any more... sometimes I buy a new book before even finishing the last one. I cant do it. I'm sad to report that I have given up on this goal. Just aint gonna happen!

1.     "Read 40 books this year"***

*This goal has been changed from the original commitment.
I originally wanted to read 100 books this year. Then I realized how ridiculous that was with my schedule and everything. So I dropped down to 40 and I actually think I'll be able to complete this goal, with a few books to spare. 

I mean, all things being said, I dont think I'm doing horrible for it being the middle of the year so far. Did you make any bookish goals at the beginning of the year (whether you posted them on your blogs or not)? How are you making out with them? Better than I am, I hope.


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