Friday, July 19, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday - Book Destination Spots

Feature and Follow Friday again, everyone, hosted by Parajunkee. Visit to find out how to participate! this week's question:

Q: Book Vacay: Where is the best destination reading spot for you? (Where do you like to go to read other then your home)

Darnit - other than my house!? I dont really like anywhere else. :( I like to lay back on my couch. My least favorite place/way to read is sitting up in a chair. I absolutely hate it. I need to be relaxed. So with that being said, my favorite place would probably be on a beach (in the shade) in a hammock! I love hammocks. :D

Honestly, anywhere that I can lay back and relax comfortably works for me, but a beach with the option to take a break from the book world and play in the sand and water kind of tops the list.

How about you guys? Whats your favorite (other than your home) spot to read?


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