Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WWW Wednesday and Waiting on Wednesday

Its that Wednesday again! It is WWW Wednesday, a fun weekly meme hosted by Should Be Reading. Here's how you play along:

Just answer the following three (3) questions…
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?
So the answers here at Nerd is the Word are:
What are you currently reading?: As of last night, I just started Reached by Ally Condie. I dont want to give anything away since I'll be writing a review on it, but suffice it to say that I picked up the book at 9:30 p.m. last night and by 11:30 I was a third of the way through. :)
What did you recently finish reading?: JUST finished The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts yesterday afternoon. Check out my review here if you're interested in reading it.
I did really like this book and the whole Inn Boonsboro Trilogy. Its definitely worth picking up, especially if you're into romance or a fan of my girl Nora.

What do you plan or reading next?, is the last question. Ha! I have no freaking clue. I had to do a nice little kindergarten-style "eenie meenie miney moe" to pick what to read this time. Ugh.
I THINK I want to read Fever by Lauren DeStefano, but I just bought two new books, and it's going to take all of my will power not to pick up Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It's coming out in theatres and I desperately want to get to it before the movie comes out so I can go see it. There is a good chance thats what I will do, even though I am in no position to be STARTING a new series. I need to be finishing series that I've already started. Ugh, I guess we will see.

Has anyone read Beautiful Creatures? Should I just bite the bullet and read that one next?

It is also Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by Breaking the Spine.

This is a fun weekly meme where you tell everyone what upcoming release you're excited for. I'll tell you what I'm excited for:

Requiem  by Lauren Oliver. I have yet to read Pandemonium but I loved Delirium and the whole premise of the plot. And - HELLO! - can anyone say beautiful cover art! I love it, and I'm holding off on reading Pandemonium until Requiem comes out because I've heard that Pandemonium has a hell of a cliff hanger, and I'm not interested in the panic and depression that will settle over me when I realize that I cannot go pick up this book and read it right away. But its coming soon thank God. Only a few more weeks!

What are you waiting on!?

Happy Reading!

Manda C. :) 


  1. I'm super excited for Requiem as well! I actually just finished Reached a few days ago and holy moly it was amazing. I hope you really like it. :)

  2. Beautiful Creatures is still on my to-read list, so I can't help you there, lol! Reached is on that list too, so it's nice to see that you're enjoying it :D Gives me hope!
    -Novel Reveries

  3. Wow, you read Reached pretty fast! That nice, huh? I've read Matched, but have not started Crossed yet... :)

    Top 10 Debuts I'm Looking Forward To
    Waiting on Wednesday
    New Meme: Cover Love Mondays

  4. Requiem was my pick for this week too!
    Anywho, I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award because I think more people should know about this blog!

    Deidra @ Simply Books.


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