Friday, December 6, 2013

Discussion - Holiday Blogging Breaks

Boy, its been a quiet couple of weeks here at the blog. This is the first thing I've posted all week, and I kind of fell of the face of the earth around Tuesday or Wednesday of last week with it being Thanksgiving and all. Of course I'm not organized enough to have scheduled posts all ready to go - I'm a 'fly by the seat of your pants' kinda girl, myself.

Do any of you work retail or a job that gets much busier during the holidays? I work three different jobs, as a matter of fact, and one of them is a retail shoe sales job. I know - shoes... during the holidays? Doesn't seem like we'd get busy, but apparently a lot of people like to get shoes for Christmas. I work in a mall, actually, so as of this weekend, we start opening earlier and staying open later. Imagine working in the mall until 11:30 at night when almost no one is shopping - UGH!

Thankfully our extended hours only last a few weeks and then we go right back to normal. But to add to my crazy schedule these next few weeks, my beloved husband-to-be has a new job, and is away for training for the four weeks (we are at the end of week two today). You would think living alone for a month would mean I'd have more time to myself, but this, my friends, is not true. When I do find myself with a spare moment at home that I would normally use to pick up a book, I spend that time FaceTime-ing with Sean, because I'm a big baby and god forbid we spend more than a day apart or else I have a meltdown. -_-

Not only have I not been blogging much, but I've barely been able to read. I went a whole two days without picking up a book! I know! That's insane! I can't handle that kind of separation from my books! Oddly enough, it makes me feel a little low to go without reading for so long... as if two days is a lifetime, right?

How does your blogging schedule get during the holidays? Do you find you have more time, or do you feel overloaded like me? Do you keep schedule posts stocked up in case you don't have time to blog for a few weeks?

Do you get all sorts of sad and depressed if you don't have time to pick up a book for a couple of days, or do you and your books spend happy and comfortable time apart? Am I the only crazy one out there (somehow I dont think thats possible)?

Let me know how you guys make out during the holidays! Oh, and Happy Hanukkah (even though it ended yesterday) and Merry Christmas!Maybe Happy Kwanzaa... well... just... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)


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