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Harry Potter Read-Along/Discussion [12]

RECAP - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Chapters 18 - 22

I'm feeling a little Harry Potter-ed out. Is that possible? Is that blasphemy? Yes and Yes. This isnt to say that I'm cutting off discussions, but I've been making re-reading this series such a chore for myself with taking extremely detailed notes and writing long recaps before I even get to the fun part: discussion. So I'm skipping the long recap and just going to say this:

In chapters 18-22 of this book, Harry finds out that Peter Pettigrew betrayed his parents and Sirius Black was innocent all along, and before Harry can turn Peter in, he escapes. Sirius gets captured and is about to have the Dementor's Kiss performed on him when Harry and Hermione go back in time to save Sirius and Buckbeak with the help of the Headmaster and Hermione's Time Turner. Sirius is not deemed innocent but he is alive and out of Azkaban, and that is all that matters!


First thing that comes to mind when I think about these chapters (besides the obvious things) is Snape. Rowling writes him in a way that he seems legit crazy. Like manic with the idea of capturing his old enemies and finally getting retribution for how he was treated so many years ago. I enjoyed this aspect because it makes me hate Snape more which I suppose is the whole point. The only thing that bothers me is that, knowing what happens in the later books, it doesn't seem consistent with how he acts later on compared to how he acts in the third book. The sixth book doesnt count - he's obviously working toward a greater goal at this point. But book seven.. when... you know what happens. I've heard a lot of criticism before about how Snape suddenly became a hero at the end of the series after being horrible all before and I defended it but I dont see as how I can defend it now that I'm thoroughly studying the series little by little. I kind of understand the criticism. I know that Snape protected Harry in the past - this isn't what I mean. Snape is otherwise downright nasty and at times unnecessarily cruel. I get that his actions in books four through seven served a purpose in reference to Voldemort but he was just an awful guy aside from all of that, and its annoying to have him suddenly become a hero and Harry name his kid after him and say how great he is. Again, I'm not discounting his greatness but can we at least acknowledge that he was a douche bag along with doing something for the greater good. Or maybe its just not right to speak ill of the dead? Whatever.

That was a bit of a rant. I'm sorry. That has no bearing on this book except to say Snape sucks. Another thing I've been thinking about his Hermione's time turner. The whole scenario when they go back in time makes perfect sense in my head. Its the entire school year before that that confuses me. So how does this time-turner work? Did Hermione go to one class then turn back time and go to the other? Was she still in the first class when her future body was in the second? That makes sense based on the events at the end of the book. So how was her future self not stuck in that time? Wouldnt she have had to turn time forward again? Or does her future body leave the future altogether then catch up with the future as time passes? Am I confusing you all as much as I've just confused myself? Time turners are awesome though. I think I need one. So I can do more with my life. I could be at work and be playing with my niece and be at the bar with my friends and cuddling in bed with my fiance all at once, no? Then I'd probably be as tired as Hermione was.

Last thing - my heart strings are like... being used and abused here. Honestly, when Harry finds out Sirius is innocent and has the prospect of going to live with him then has it ripped away from him instantly, thats gotta be the saddest non-death-related thing that happens in the series. Its like offering him a bit of his parents, someone from their past to be part of his present and future then BAM. Of course Rowling couldn't leave well enough alone. Again, I know there are more reasons than my own selfish heart can understand but whyyyyy!!! Why couldnt Harry just be HAPPY! Sigh.... Anyone else find themselves in a perpetual outrage as the series goes on, even if you've read it a bajillion times? No? Just me then, I guess...

So anyhow, I've decided I'll devote my time to talking about Harry Potter and friends instead of wasting all my HP-devotion time to taking notes and rewriting the freaking book in its entirety. It was much more fun this way. :)

I'll be posting my general review of the third book tomorrow to add to my archive. Hope to hear from you all and I'll be discussing the beginning of book four next week! Thanks for stopping by and supporting my Harry Potter addiction - you guys are great. :)


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