Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Being a Reader/Book Blogger

I'm so excited about today's Top Ten Tuesday because we get to talk about why we love doing what we do here on our blogs! (Check out The Broke and the Bookish for more info on Top Ten Tuesday). This week's topic is:

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Reader/Book Blogger

10. Blogging is a creative outlet. For me, I love to write but sometimes don't have the discipline to continue writing the book that I started (over a year ago... um... oops), but as someone who loves words, it's hard for me not to write. Blogging helps me get it all out when I don't have the time to work on a particular story.

9. Books are a totally healthy addiction. I ask my fiance all the time - would he rather me be addicted to drugs or something like that? At least I'm only making us broke by buying tons of books. :)

8. ARCs. Let us be honest here. Who doesn't love the added perk of advanced reader copies, be they e-books or actual copies? Not only are they free, which is sweet, but we, as bloggers, get to help spread the word for upcoming books before their release.

7. Connecting with authors/publishers. Making contacts in the blogging world is beneficial, but meeting new people is a lot of fun too. I've met some great authors along the way and it's been awesome getting to know them as more than just a name on a book.

6. A feeling of accomplishment. How awesome do you feel after you've gotten a bunch of posts done or picked a winner for your giveaway or changed your blog layout? Sometimes it's nice to just look at my blog and realize that I'm the one who put all of that together. It's a great feeling!

5. "A reader lives a thousand lives..." We all know this quote. I love being a reader because I have and will explore worlds that I know I'll  never get to see in real life. I'll have lived through each character a life outside of my own. So many adventures!

4. Keeping a record of things I've read and what I thought about them. Really, this is why I started my blog. I was making my way through a list of books and I wanted to document my journey. My reasons for blogging have since expanded but this is how it all started. Hopefully years and years from now, I will still be referring back to my blog and what I thought of the books I was reading.

3. "Respect" outside of the blogosphere. Most of my friends know that I blog, but most of them don't read much. However, when they do, they either check out my blog to see what they should read, or come straight to me to ask for an opinion. So many of us want to be taken seriously and it's an awesome feeling to know that people outside of blogging come to me because they take my opinion seriously.

2. Spreading the bookish love. I simply love talking about books and putting all of my bookish thoughts out there in hopes that fellow bloggers or others who stumble upon my blog might get something out of it.

1. Blog Friends. I have met some seriously awesome people through blogging and have made some great friends all over the world (especially Amber) who I couldn't imagine blogging-life without! By far, my favorite thing about blogging are the connections I've made with people who's opinions I've come to respect the most.


What about you? What do you love most about being a reader and book blogger? Leave the link to your blog in the comments so I can pay you a visit!


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