Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Giveaway: Signed Copy of the Pentrals by Crystal Mack (plus extra goodies!)

Back in November of last year, I read an eARC via Netgalley called The Pentrals by Crystal Mack. I read it on a whim when I was bored with some other things I was reading, and I was enjoyed it so much! (Make sure you check out my review if you want to see what I thought about the book!) Since then, I've talked with the author a little (who is so, so sweet!) and it's thanks to her that i solemnly swear is having this awesome giveaway!

We are giving away a SIGNED copy of The Pentrals by Crystal Mack, a Pentrals poster and "oculoy" tattoos! The Giveaway ends on February 28, 2014, at midnight. The Giveaway is for U.S. only (sorry!) - it is not international.

Did any of you get a chance to read The Pentrals via Netgalley last year, or a regular copy since it was released? What did you think? Did you love it as much as I did?! Leave a comment below for anyone who hasn't read it so they can see what you thought too! Good luck!! :)


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