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Mini Review: As They Slip Away by Beth Revis

Format: E-Book (
Release date: January, 2013
Series: Across the Universe #0.5
Page Count: 48 pages

Selene is a singer on a spaceship that only values people who can provide important skills that enhance survival. As her friends--fellow "loons" in the Hospital--start to join apprenticeships to turn their skills into valuable labor, Selene is sent with a handful of other students to learn about the importance of art from the Recorder, Orion. The assignment pairs her with a young sculptor, Luthor, and their dangerous romance proves just how terrifying living trapped on a spaceship under the rule of a heartless dictator could be.


This is a short addition to  the Across the Universe series that takes place several years prior to Amy's awakening on Godspeed. The story is told from the point of view of Selene who, for those of you who read the first in this trilogy, is the girl injecting rabbits with "innocluations" that Amy stops to talk to. It tells the story of Selene and Luthor who develop a romance that spiral dangerously out of control. This is a beautifully written tragic tale of love and loss.

When I came across this e-book, I hoped it would be a story that would tell me why Luthor is the way he is or what happened to him to make him do the things he did in book 1 and 2, because I really didnt want another sick retelling of Luthor's deranged attacks. But that is what I ended up reading, and although it made me hate Luthor more, it tied some other things up nicely and gave some insight into the occurrences in book 1 and 2. I am glad, however, that this telling of Luthor's awful actions were not nearly as detailed as they were in AtU because it was a little much for me the first time. I cant even fathom to think about Doc's reaction and Eldest's decisions to not punish Luthor or anyone else like him who do horrible things on the ship just because they serve a purpose. Ugh!

Also - I loved how even though Orion's appearance was brief, this story showed us a little bit of him before Amy arrived and while he was simply just hiding out and biding his time. Super interesting!

All in all, for me, it did advance the story a little in tying things up and making certain things easier to understand. It was nice having a "visit" with Harley and Victria again, and seeing Bartie as a normal friend, and meeting Kayleigh for the first time. Getting to "watch" Harley and Kayleigh's love budding from afar was also a wonderful thing.

RATING: ★★★★

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  1. I love this series.
    Glad she decided to write a novella. It's kind of trendy :)


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