Friday, May 17, 2013

Feature & Follow Friday: Summer, summer, summer time!

Boy, this makes me want to break out my Will Smith CDs! "Summer, summer, summer time - lets just sit back and unwind..."

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This week's question is:

Q: School is out! What is your favorite Summer Reading book??

Oh gosh... this is a toughie. Its gonna start getting old if every answer I have to everything is Harry Potter, though I do clearly remember the last time I read HP before I finished the series last year was one of my middle school summer vacations. I hadn't done that well in school, so apparently my mother thought making me read was a punishment. I got halfway through HP and the Order of the Phoenix before my mom retracted my punishment and let me play outside. Good times though!

I never had assigned reading during the summer. Is that weird? I know many, many kids grew up every summer having choices from a list of books and having to read so many of them, but I never did. I grew up in Long Island, New York, and then when we moved to Pennsylvania, I was 17 and out of high school. My sister went to high school a few years later and they had summer reading lists every year. Ha-Ha! I got off easy. I'm not sure what it was about Long Island or maybe just the school I went to, but it never happened. Go Central Islip!! :)

Summer also makes me think of romance novels. I used to be huge on romance, and summer is just so light and fun and romances are such easy reads for me, even when they are full of gratuitous sex and tragedy. It just seems like it all goes together, haha.

So I guess other than Harry Potter, I don't have a favorite summer reading book, per say, just general things I like to read. How about you? What's your favorite summer reading book? 



  1. I'm with you... I was homeschooled ago never had a "summer reading list"...
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  3. Our kids don't have summer reading either (except AP Lit kids.) I could always use a summer to read HP again! Great idea. Thanks for visiting. New follower (Feedly, RSS)

  4. Haha, I don't need summer to read romance, I do that all year long. ;)

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  5. I've been on a bit of a Abbi Glines kick lately. They can be a bit racy, but they sure are fun!

    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  6. HP is definitely a great summer read :)

  7. So happy to hop around to other blogs and see what other's summer reads are =D

    I'm a old follower but i look forward to your future posts and future reviews.I hope that I can get tons of recommendations from any reviews you may write and hope i can see you hop around to one of my blogs as well. If it interests you, show your support by following =) With GFC going away soon, i figured i'd follow via email and bloglovin as well!

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  8. AHH! I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!and I'm starting to sound like a crazy person. again.

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  9. Can't go wrong with Harry Potter!

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  10. Ha, living in Germany, we don't even have summer reading lists anywhere here :) Wasn't necessary for me, either, because I'd chosen reading over pretty much everything else every summer since I could read :) Mhm, you just reminded me that during my summers, I used to read and reread the HP books a LOT, too :) Still love them SO much :) And while I've shied away from romance (until now) I always chose YA contemporary books every year! Thanks for following, I'll make sure to follow back via RSS

  11. Thanks for the follow, am following back! Have a great weekend!

  12. Awesome choice! Thanks for stopping by! Followed back ;)

  13. Hi!! I'm a new follower via GFC! Can't wait to read more of your posts and thanks for stopping by my blog and following :)

  14. Harry Potter is a great summer read. ;D thanks for stopping by~

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