Thursday, May 2, 2013

Harry Potter Moment of the Week

This is the first time I've participated in Uncorked Thoughts' Harry Potter Moment of the Week, which is surprising considering how much I babble on and on about Harry Potter throughout each week.

Well this week's topic is:

Favorite Newspaper in the Series:

I think this one is a give-in. I also think everyone who has participated in this week's HP topic picked the same one. Who wouldn't love the Quibbler?

Whats your favorite newspaper in the HP series?

Oh this makes me nostalgic for Harry Potter books and I keep putting off reading them again so I can finish the 69 other books I have on my shelf. :(




  1. Awww thanks for joining!! I definitely think this one is going to be a winner today :D

  2. I see we ALL picked The Quibbler! Amazing! I'd love to get a copy.

    As for rereads, I can totally relate. I will reread them this summer. :D

  3. I didn't pick The Quibbler.. it is too like the National Inquire!
    Here is my Harry Potter moment!



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