Friday, May 9, 2014

Feature and Follow Friday: A Dinner Invitation

It's been a while since I've participated in anything: Feature and Follow, Top Ten Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, etc. I was on a little hiatus over the Easter holiday - three weeks to be exact - but now it's over and I'm back in the game... sort of.

I'm kind of taking my time getting back into the swing of things because.... (and this is a secret just for my fellow bloggers)... I've started writing again. Many of you probably don't know that I go through phases of writing for months, non-stop except to work, eat, sleep and use the potty. Then I poop out and don't touch a thing I've worked on for months. So I'm going full force this time, except with the intention of taking breaks and non pooping out and maybe, finally, possibly, hopefully attempting to publish (probably self pub) something. So with that being said, I want to start looking to authors and see what tips worked for them. Obviously mainly self-pub'd authors but even some bigger names. Which brings me to the reason I'm here today:

This week's Feature and Follow Friday question is:

What living author or authors would you like to have dinner with? (Try to think beyond JK Rowling)

That little addition kind of screws me up because honestly, my answer is J.K. Rowling. But for the sake of being a good sport and thinking outside the box, I've come up with my next answer(s) which were almost as easy as the first:

Rainbow Rowell,
Jodi Picoult,
and Nora Roberts

Rainbow Rowell is a recent addition to my list of favorites and I would love the chance not only to meet her, but to pick her brain about her amazing books and her writing process.

Jodi Picoult is one of the first authors I ever loved and everything of hers I've ever read, I've loved. Seriously. And I've read a lot of her novels. I'd love to talk over dinner and find out how she always packs one hell of a punch into each and every novel she writes.

and Nora Roberts: My writing hero. Though I've strayed a bit from the romance genre in recent years and while I know Nora tends to be a bit predictable and redundant in some of her newer novels, she is still the queen of descriptive passages and strong characters (female, especially). She is the first author I ever loved, and yes she has her faults but she'll always have a place in my reader's heart and maybe, maybe one day I will have the chance to pick her brain, too, about how she writes in such detail and sticks to such strong and willful female characters in different storylines.

So consider this my official dinner invitation:

I cordially invite you, Rainbow, Jodi and Nora, to a night out on the town with the highly sought after author of the blog I Solemnly Swear: Amanda (that's me!) :)

So ladies, will you have dinner with me?!

What authors would you like to have dinner with?

Happy Reading!

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