Thursday, October 10, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday - Blogging Besties!

Happy Friday! This week's Feature and Follow topic from Parajunkee is:

Feature Your Own Favorite Blogger!

Aha, this one is easy. My very best blogging buddy runs one of my favorite blogs out there - Paradise of Pages

Everyone, meet Amber:

Amber and I started out talking about Harry Potter (I know, no surprise there), and nowadays, though we do still talk HP (those tattoos have to happen eventually), we now do the occasional post together and talk via text all the time about a little of everything. She's become more than just a blogging friend and hopefully one day we can finally hang out in real life. :)

You should all pay Amber a visit, check out her awesome reviews, leave her some love and definitely follow her!

You're the best, Amber! <3

Honorable mentions:
Katie at KCross Writing - she is such an amazing writer and downright hysterical! Give her some love.
Elizabeth at so long and thanks for all the fish - she totally gets me and is always willing to talk Harry Potter with me. You should also give her some love.
(You girls are awesome, and I hope we get to know each other better and become better blogging pals!)

Who is your favorite blogger? A friend of yours or someone you admire from afar?


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