Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday - Blogging is a Learning Process

Happy Friday!! It's Feature and Follow Friday, hosted by Parajunkee - visit her blog to find out how to participate!

This week's topic:

Share something you've learned about book blogging or just blogging in general in the last month.

In the last month? Wow, tons of stuff. I have to be honest though, and say that most of the stuff I know, I've known for a while, though there is so much I still havent learned yet. But the one thing that comes to mind is that I've recently learned about the existence of Google Analytics - which I'm still figuring out, mind you - and how helpful it is to know your stats, especially when contacting publishers for advance copies, etc.

With that being said, if you have any tips about Google Analytics, or know where I can find some good tips, please share, because at this point I only sort of know what I'm looking at, haha.

What's something that you've learned recently about blogging? 


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