Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cover Reveal (and other wonderfulness): Cress by Marissa Meyer

OK I'll keep it short and sweet, cause I know for sure that I can fangirl about this for days. The cover for the third book in the Lunar Chronicles, Cress, has been revealed:

I absolutely love it. Its gorgeous!

Anyhow, it gets better! In a recent interview with Marissa Meyer, the author mentioned that her series is being turned into a movie series - well they are at least making the first one. I certainly hope they make the rest! I know, I know - a lot of you are not fans of book-to-movie adaptations. I, however, and though I know movies leave a lot out, love them. I love seeing my favorite stories come to life on the big screen!

She also confirmed that the books will become more sci-fi in the last two installments - my heart beats for you, Marissa. I love sci-fi! :) She also reveals the names of some of the other important characters we will meet. 

And there's and excerpt of Cress! Go read it! :) Also, in the first uncorrected chapter references Cress and "Crescent" so that speculation is confirmed also!


Edit: The first chapter is also live, apparently: an uncorrected proof. Woohoo!!

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