Thursday, April 4, 2013

A little off topic here....

So now...this post will have almost nothing to do with books, readings, reviews or anything like that, so for those of you that were hoping for a discussion post, I am sorry. I haven't posted since last week, and have been slacking on the reading over the last few days. The holiday weekend was a busy one for me, for starters. My friend got married on Saturday (cried like a baby) and Sunday was Easter, which has church, lunch and visiting my friend who was home from Boston.

Well since then, I've also been slacking, even though life (as far as work goes) has gone back to normal. Because I have awesome and super cool exciting news to share with all of my blogging friends -

I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, let me not make this sound more romantic than it really is, because don't get me wrong, I knew he was getting the ring and it wasn't a surprise, but holding the secret in from all my real life friends plus all my internet/blogging friends was pure torture! I can openly plan my wedding, and I've even secured 5 out of my 6 bridesmaids and have an appointment to go see a wedding venue and have started making lists and spreadsheets and, and, and...

I know soon I'll be wanting to rip my hair out. God help me. Thank God I have a great MOH and one bridesmaid who went through this whole ordeal just last year.

So what does this mean for blogging? I know I am going to be distracted. I had a night off last night and I went for a jog (woohoo, go me!), made my dinner (again,woohoo, go me for not eating fast food.... until Sean brought me pizza booooo) and then sat on the computer for FOUR hours making spreadsheets, pinning on Pinterest and doing wedding research. God help me.

So I haven't posted at all since last week, and although I am enjoying Scarlet, I feel distracted because I obviously don't want to focus on reading right at this moment. BUT I have 90 bajillion books sitting at home waiting for me to read, so I've got to focus on what matters but not forget my passion: books!

This also means I probably wont be able to buy books for a very long time. :((( I am assuming I will buy some at birthday time and Christmas time because I always get giftcards for those occasions. So please forgive me if the books I am choosing to read are not exactly new, fresh and up do date.

Also, on the wedding website I'm registered for, there's an option for a free "wedding website" but I think I'm just going to make another blog and use it as my wedding blog for my guests, and to keep track of what I am doing in reference to the wedding (losing weight, ideas, venues, etc.) So I hope if any of you are excited for me and want to keep up with the fun of wedding planning, you'll follow and help me out when I post it!

Are any of you married or soon-to-be married? Any tips for wedding planning, so I don't jump off of a bridge before next August?



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