Saturday, February 2, 2013

Waving the White Flag - Changing my goals for the year.

Well, I made some pretty ambitious goals this year on how many books I want to read and what books to read. The biggest goal I made was to read 100 books this year. Okay, I am sorry. I completely underestimated the challege of reading this many books in one year.

I am here to dramatically drop that goal - I am waving the white flag. And I commend those of you who read that many books per year, and more. You are amazing!

As for the books I intend to read, I'm not really going to change that because the specific goals are not that difficult.

The only other thing I would like to amend is that I said I would finish all of the books on my shelves from my 2012 TBR pile and finish all the series I began in 2012 (and prior) up to the latest releases. I would still love to do this, but this brings my list well past my new goal. So I will try, I promise. I will get as very far as I can.

My new goal for the year (I cringe as I say it because it so much lower than the ambition I had before) is: 40 books this year.

I am a little disappointed in myself, but I will be okay.

How many books do you average per year?
I'd love to hear about your book goals and how you are keeping up with them!

A <3


  1. 40 books is better than 0, which is what some people read, so I'd say that's a GREAT goal! Last year I didn't reach my goal so I'm trying again this year for 100. I don't think it much matters how many books people have as their goal as long as they're reading! I have SOO many series I need to catch- up/finish it's ridiculous! Good luck with your challenges :)

  2. Last year I targeted 150, so this year I'm trying to reach 200 books. I'm not sure if I'll reach that, given that I'm taking my sweet time reading so far this year, but it can get pretty tiring! Kudos to you, though, for pacing yourself and enjoying the journey :)


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