Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking a Break

I know, I know. You're all sitting at your computers day after day, wondering where the heck I've gotten off to, right? Kidding! - I know that the only person who truly cares about this post is me. But for the sake of my ego, and the few good friends I've made through blogging, rather than ignoring my blog entirely, I wanted to tell you all that I am officially on hiatus!

It'll only be for a few weeks - probably until after my birthday in the first week of October. Why, you ask? For basically the same reason most bloggers take breaks or leave entirely: reading has become a chore again. This happens to me every so often. I took a month long break at the end of last year and it felt amazing, and I was back and better than ever in January.

I haven't been able to really get into and enjoy anything lately and I was pushing myself to read things I just didn't want to read. You can also thank The Sims 4 for taking over my life because once that game released, I realized I was choosing a video game over literature and knew I needed some time to myself.

I do have a few ARC reviews and scheduled posts so I won't be totally gone. But I'm going to play the Sims to my heart's content and go on the search for the book that will get me back into my groove. Any suggestions?

What do you all do when the pressures of book blogging worm their way under your skin? Do you take a break altogether like I am? Change up your reading "schedules"? Re-reads? (I'm totally going to devote the next week to HP just to be reading something I know I love) Or are you one of the smarter bloggers who make sure to keep things light, fun and low-pressure most of the time to avoid things like this? I'd love to hear what you do when you start feeling the heat!

I'll be around - I'm sure I'll be back to posting regularly soon!



  1. You know I have my ups and downs too. I tend to either try and re-read books or I just don't read at all for a little bit until the reading slump is over. I still like to do the weekly memes to keep me still in the blogging world and on the look out for a book that will get me reading again. Ive been in this indie author thing recently and I really enjoy it. Maybe try it for yourself. get out of the books that get a lot of hype and find a book that isn't popular but well worth the read! You know you can always text me :)

  2. That's such a good idea! I really want to read your friend Nikki's book and I was thinking about starting it next week once I finish what I'm reading now. It looks like something that would be fun and light but keep me really interested! I def think getting out of the hype a bit might help. If you have any other recs, please let me know!

  3. Good for you. That's all I have to say.

    And yes, I actually have noticed the lack of you in my life.

  4. There is another book called Goodbye to You by AJ Matthews, it deals with breast cancer, but doesn't have any deaths or anything, has a nice ending. It was wonderful, I think you would like it! Definitely check out her book and of course ANY of Nikki's books!! You can text me if you need to talk more :)


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